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Fire Alarm Systems
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"Professional Security Systems," under the supervision of Mr. Giorgos Lathyris, offers specialized fire detection systems for the safe protection of any space. Fire detection systems are a critical element in ensuring safety by detecting the presence of smoke or flame in time and alerting the owner or operator for immediate response.

The autonomous fire detection system consists of the fire detection panel, fire detectors, panic buttons and sirens. When a fire occurs, the system owner or manager sees the panel with flashing lights, informing him of the area where the fire has started, allowing him to react immediately.

Fire detectors detect the presence of smoke or flame, while their correct placement requires a careful study of the area. Panic buttons activate the siren in case of fire, even when it has not been detected by the fire detectors, ensuring immediate evacuation of people from the building.

With our experience, we ensure the advanced protection and reliability of fire detection systems, individually covering every need and demanding environment.